This website is your guide to competing in one of cycling’s most dynamic and demanding disciplines in what has always been one of the sport’s British heartlands.

If you are new to the discipline please consult our riders’ guide. If you want to organise a road race or help out, please see the options opposite.

The West Midlands Road Racing League and West Midlands Women’s Road Race Series are enabled with the support of Fusion Media.


Fusion Media are a marketing communications agency for cycling and active people. Their founder, Adam Tranter, raced in the West Midlands and wants to ensure racing remains accessible in the region.


How you
can help



If you are a seasoned road racer, this site will offer you the info you need to plan your season’s racing in West Midlands.

If you are new to the discipline, or thinking of taking it up, British Cycling’s RaceSmart video series are probably your best source of info.

It’s a good idea to develop your group riding and bike handling skills by joining a club that offers either structured training sessions on one of the region’s closed circuits or outdoor velodromes. Or by taking part in cyclo-cross. Most of the region’s Go-Ride clubs offer structured training and group rides on the road, which are an ideal way to hone your skills. These can be found via the British Cycling club finder or via this website’s club finder...