This RR League seeks to focus on scoring points in West Midlands Regional events throughout the season, with awards for individual and club/ team standings overall.

The key points of the League Structure are:

  1. All clubs joining in the RRL structure are encouraged to promote a “Regional A” classified RR on a Sunday in the main RR season.

  2. The RRL is aimed at West Midlands clubs/ teams and riders within West Midlands clubs/ teams, with non- West Midlands clubs permitted to join the RRL (being subject to the same rules below) at the decision of the Regional RR Work Group where that club promotes an eligible event within the West Midlands geographical area or close to it. Such clubs shall be within the definition of “West Midlands club” for the purposes of RRL rules only.

  3. All events will be run under the technical regulations of BC.

  4. Entry to RRL events will be for 2/3/4 category riders in accordance with Regional A event requirements, except for Regional championships which are also open to E/1 riders according to BC rules.

  5. RRL event organisers undertake that acceptance of Entry for events at the stated closing date for their event will be prioritised as follows:
    a) First priority for up to 8 members of each RRL promoting club. In 2022 these are: CC Bridgnorth, Halesowen A +CC, Holohan Coaching RT, Solihull CC, ProVision RT, Velorunner RT, Paramount CRT.*
    b) Second Priority for members of other promoting West Midlands clubs/teams from the West Midlands, initially 3 from each club
    c) Third priority for members of remaining West Midlands clubs/teams, initially one from each club
    d) for any remaining places in the event, thereafter entries can be accepted from non-West Midlands clubs/teams on an individual basis. (Note: non-West Midlands club/team riders will not be eligible for League points)
    *The organising club can use their 8 rider allowance to select riders not from their own club if a rider provides support for running of the event

  6. Participating clubs are encouraged to co-ordinate their entries and to provide confirmation of the priority rider entries to each event organiser. In the absence of any co-ordinated entry, each organiser will select riders in accordance with Item 5 above at their own choosing.

    When each RRL event organiser issues their programme/ start sheet for the event they shall include the RRL Co-ordinator in the distribution. They should also update the RRL Co-ordinator with details of any riders that enter on the day.

  7. League points will be awarded as per Appendix A below. All rounds of the RRL will have to produce a full result for the full field of riders so that points can be awarded.

  8. League scoring points for any multi stage events that form part of the league will be based upon the final overall classification for the event only. League points will not be awarded for finishing position within each individual stage.

  9. Should a rider change clubs mid-season, all points scored remain valid for individual and club scoring according to the club at the time of entry. Riders who upgrade licence to a higher category then 2/3/4 mid- season will from that point not be able to compete in RRL events, though their individual and contribution to team points score will remain.

  10. In order to encourage all riders to participate in the race until the end, every rider that finishes will score points and their score will count towards the overall for their team/clubs score. Points will no longer be awarded for entering the event.

  11. A rider’s best 7 results from the 9 rounds of the series shall contribute to a rider’s overall points total. In the event of a tie on points at the completion of all RRL events then the tied rider’s or club/team’s results at the final RRL event will be taken as the deciding factor.

  12. The prize fund for each event can be determined by each club but we recommend priority be given to lower entry fees rather than high prizes.

  13. An overall award will be given at the end of the season for both highest ranking West Midlands individual(s) and highest ranking team(s). Teams will qualify for inclusion in the ranking only if they are a club registered in the West Midlands region and are the promoters of a BC registered competitive event in the Region themselves (whether in this RRL, or as another separate event(s).) A £500 contribution to the Prize Fund for the League will be provided by the Region, plus any additional £’s and/or prizes obtained from sponsorship.

  14. As a minimum using the Regional funding the prize list will be £500 for each of the WMRRL and West Midlands Women’s RR Series. Individual awards will be paid direct to the rider concerned, and Club/team awards to the club.

  15. The RRL/RRS results and current standings will be updated and posted on the regional social media pages.

  16. Final standings will be published within one month of the final RRL/RRS event. Prize money will be distributed within two months of publication of the final standings; however it is the responsibility of the individual riders and club/teams to provide the Regional Treasurer with contact details so that prizes can be issued. Any riders or clubs/teams who have not provided the information to the WMRRL Treasurer at this stage will not receive their prize money.

  17. A trophy will be awarded to the Individual winner. This trophy shall be retained by the Individual winner and returned to the RRL Co-ordinator prior to the final RRL event of the following season.
    A trophy will be awarded to the top ranked Club/Team. This trophy shall be retained by the Club/ Team and returned to the RRL Co-ordinator prior to the final RRL event of the following season. Trophies will be awarded at the final West Mids road race of the season in September

  18. Events included in the RRL/WRRS for 2022 are as detailed as per race calendar on this website.






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