How You Can Help Out

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How You Can Help Out

It’s a fact: all the road races in the West Midlands depend on volunteers. There is a huge and largely unsung group of people – probably more than those who actually race – who spend at least one Sunday a year making the bike races happen. In some cases, they are risking life and limb to keep the competitors safe, in others they are putting in hours of their own time.

So what can you, the bike rider, do?

Appreciate the volunteers. Simply saying “thanks” or “great job”, to anyone working at a bike race makes a real difference.

Or, persuade a supporter to help out, or at least to offer some help to the race organiser. Most of us bring along a partner, or family member to the race, and it does no harm to get them to offer their services. Even if it’s just a couple of laps waving a red flag on a corner so that someone else can go and get a cup of tea, it all helps.

Or, think about giving up one of your Sundays (or in the case of W Mids, a Thursday evening), to help out. The following jobs are relatively easy to get into, and are vital to running races:

Accredited marshal: they play a key role in stopping traffic at road junctions; there’s a basic course before you can do this, but the bonus is free British Cycling membership. Contact [email protected] or go to

for more details

Race driver: this is a good job for someone who’s raced as you will have an idea of how a bunch moves on the road. Most lead cars require a driver and an assistant to work race radio and act as a second pair of eyes; the latter is a good role for a newcomer to learn the ropes. Commissaires also need to be driven, and the advantage is that they will tell you what to do. You need British Cycling membership, car and driving licence.

Red flag marshal: races don’t need as many of these as in the past since the arrival of accredited marshals, but they are still key. The role is not to stop traffic but to warn riders and other traffic of potential hazard; usually you are under the wing of the accredited marshals. Most race organisers will gladly accept extra red flag marshal volunteers on the day.

The roles listed below need a bit more time and energy but are equally crucial:

Commissaire: for more information go to

Race organiser: for more information go to


Or contact Tom Wilson as above, or WM Region Board road lead, William Fotheringham on [email protected]


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