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Fusion back West Mids road racing for second year


Fusion Media @fusionmediasvs will sponsor grass roots racing for men and women within the West Midlands region for a second year. The sponsorship will combine backing for the West Midlands Road Race League for men and women, with the sponsorship money divided equally between male and female racers in the region. One key aspect will be targetted support for a training to racing programme for women with the objective of building women’s racing in a sustainable way for the long term. 

“We have looked closely into women’s racing in the region, and it is clear that above all else we need to eliminate the barriers that prevent women from making the step up from just riding and into racing,” said British Cycling West Midlands Event Support Officer Tom Wilson. 

“With the backing of Fusion Media we can support a coaching to racing programme at the new state of the art facility at Evesham, and several women-only races at traffic free venues within the region to cater for those who feel ready to compete.”

The sponsorship will also target men’s road racing, with renewed backing for the long-established West Midlands Road Race League. The series consists of about a dozen road races over the season, with overall classifications for individual and team. 

“With Fusion Media’s support the League enjoyed a good 2022 with a healthy number of riders competing,” said William Fotheringham, West Midlands Region board lead for road racing. “We are looking to repeat that this year, with an emphasis on more opportunities for more riders, hence we have tweaked the format slightly to include Regional B events rather than just Regional A races.”

Fusion Media are a global marketing and PR agency for cycling, running and active travel, owned by @adamtranter who raced extensively in the West Midlands as a junior rider.