Fusion Media @fusionmediasvs will sponsor grass roots racing for men and women within the Midlands for a third year, with the highlight being a new race series across East and West Midlands to cater for women wishing to begin racing. The Fusion Media Women’s Series will consist of four race days on traffic free circuits consisting of coached group riding followed by racing for 3rd and 4th category women. 

“This series is potentially a game changer for our two regions as it provides a clear pathway from novice to racing cyclist. We hope it will break down the barriers that prevent women from making the step up from just riding their bikes and getting into racing,” said British Cycling East and West Midlands Cycle Sport Developer Tom Wilson. The Fusion Media Women’s Series dates and venues are: 9 March, Tudor Grange/Solihull; 16 March, Darley Moor; 4 May, Tudor Grange; 18 May, Darley Moor. 

“This series is orchestrated by BC staff but is fully led by female riders, coaches and volunteers,” added Wilson. “Where possible we look to eradicate physical/theoretical barriers to participation for female riders by ensuring all decisions taken are by female volunteers. Our hope is that this series will become a permanent home for women at entry level, which is something clearly missing from our calendar up to now. The support from Fusion Media will underwrite organisers’ costs meaning that there is no risk of them being burdened financially.”

“We at Fusion Media are genuinely thrilled to extend our support to these races,” said Fusion’s managing director Wiesia Kuczaj. “As an agency, we are committed to making the sport more accessible and inclusive, and recognise the importance of supporting our domestic races. On a personal note, having started racing in my mid-twenties, I can attest to the significant impact of grassroots-level training sessions, which were instrumental in my development and in building the confidence to get out there and race.”

As in 2022 and 2023, Fusion’s support will be divided equally between mens and women’s racing in the Midlands; there is renewed backing for the long-established West Midlands Road Race League, a series which consists of about a dozen road races over the season, with overall classifications for individual and team, and which was won in 2023 by Royal Leamington’s Emile Glorieux.

“With Fusion Media’s support the League enjoyed a good 2023 with over 90 West Midland riders competing,” said William Fotheringham, West Midlands Region board lead for road racing. “We tweaked the format slightly to include lower-category events rather than just races for those higher up the ladder, and we had more riders taking part with more open racing, so we are repeating that in 2024.”

Fusion Media are a global marketing and PR agency for cycling, running and active travel, owned by @adamtranter who raced extensively in the West Midlands as a junior rider. 

More information at: https://www.fusion-media.co.uk